25 April 2010

Kewl is spelt cool, with a C!

Although I have said earlier that I eventually decided to give this 'thing' a go I was never quite sure that it was going to work (prescient words?!) for me. My fears were borne out by the very first message that I got and it came in quite soon. The parents once they knew that I'd actually put up a profile were impatient to hear how it was going and when I said that there were a number of responses I could almost see their smug, triumphant 'I-told-you-so' over the phone. 

Before they got too carried away, however, I thought that I would read the message that I had received, which, as you will see, was quite a task. So quelling their excitement I quoted 'Hi, u sm rly kewl, dat mak 2 of us... if u fl da sm den gt in tch'. There was a name signed at the end of this cryptic message though that is neither here nor there.  Although I had resisted this process, now that I had started it I was keen to see how things would pan out. Imagine my utter joy when I saw this, the very first of my interests! I stared at the screen for couple of minutes in a complete daze because I really couldn't understand the message at all. No matter, I thought, let me have a look at the profile.

Mr. Kewl (as I had by then named him) turned out to be a 24-year old, whose parents had posted this profile for him. His age, of course, explains why he didn't know the real spellings of any of the words and my age, I suppose, explains why I couldn't understand any of them! Clearly, we belonged to different worlds. His parents belonged to a still more different world since they wanted a 'pious (aaargh!) daughter-in-law who would give respect to elders and love and affection to youngsters' (like whom, their son?!). Clearly, parents and son had set out on different paths and I couldn't help but wonder where, and when, they would collide. I thought I would put Mr. Kewl out of his misery soon and taking advantage of his paid subscription and the fact that he'd sent me a personal message I replied in kind, if not in kindness- 'Kewl is spelt cool, with a C that is!' 

No, there was no way I could marry someone who didn't know how to spell cool!

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